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The Artemis Allergy Relief Program is an educational resource center for health care practitioners, patients, and anyone suffering from seasonal, environmental or pet allergies. The program stands alone as an effective natural approach to allergy treatment or can be used alongside conventional therapies. The holistic program provides easy, practical tools and natural medicinals to cultivate health and mitigate allergy symptoms.

Truly address your health from all aspects that are within your power: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is especially true for chronic conditions; none of these can be ignored if you want effective treatment.
This program has no synthetic ingredients or drugs and no toxic effects on liver, kidneys or body. Our medicinals are composed of natural, health-promoting, living practices and ingredients that support the body's natural ability to heal itself and cultivate good health. Our ingredients are the highest quality, sustainably sourced, and properly indicated formulas.
Experience relief without side effects: reduce frequency and severity of symptoms, improve immune function, restore mental clarity and energy and experience overall improved health and well-being.

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We seek to offer a comprehensive overview of natural alternatives to allergy medications based on years of experience. Whether you are here to get a new perspective on your allergies or want to transition off over-the-counter allergy medications, we strive to give you answers.

Outlined here is an all-natural approach to allergy treatment that you can adopt at home. We provide free dietary and lifestyle guidelines and offer Lucidia and six Chinese herb support formulas for purchase or prescription filling. You can also find a list of practitioners who can guide you through this program.

The allergy relief that Artemis Therapeutics offers is based on the deep wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has cured ailments by looking at the underlying root cause of symptoms - why an imbalance is occurring. By using the medicine and wisdom of Chinese medicine, Artemis Therapeutics strives to find realignment and balance, not just suppress allergy symptoms.

If you are a natural health care practitioner and are interested in learning more about Artemis Therapeutics' natural approach to allergy relief, please register to join our network of practitioners. It's a great way to help your patients with their allergy needs AND to connect with other acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and therapists.

  • We purchase from farmers who sustainably grow the highest quality, organic herbs
  • Lucidia is made with U.S.-grown Reishi Mushroom, cultivated by mushroom specialists with over 20 years of growing experience
  • Our formulas are specially chosen for allergy relief based on more than a decade of clinical and personal experience