28 Oct

Welcome to Artemis Therapeutics!

My name is Kacey and I’m a part of a creative, dynamic partnership with two other people that I’m sure you’ll get to know along the way. This is my first blog installment for our company, Artemis Therapeutics.

We’ve spent many hours in the making of Artemis Therapeutics. The first product you’ll see on the market is called Lucidia. Lucidia is an herbal allergy relief supplement composed of reishi mushroom, stinging nettles, quercetin, bromelain and n-acetyl cysteine. The way we came up with this formula is based on scientific research, clinical experience and traditional herbalism.

Through research we discovered that…
Reishi mushroom enhances immune support, reduces allergic reactions, supports the lungs in asthma and bronchial disease and prevents viral infections.
Stinging nettles
help purify the blood, fortify the blood with minerals, iron and chlorophyll to strengthen the body’s resistance and moisturize dry skin; it is a natural antihistimine for immediate relief and it cleanses the kidneys.
reduces inflammation in the sinus cavities, inhibits release and production of histimine, has anti-viral properties, protects against oxidative and free radical damage, and breaks down mucous.
Bromelain exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activity, potentiates the benefits of quercetin, breaks down mucous in the sinus passages and the bloodstream, and it breaks down metabolic waste from undigested food or food allergies.
N-acetyl cysteine protects the liver and detoxifies it from chemical exposure and oxidation by increasing glutathione levels.

Look for Lucidia to hit the market early 2009. The website where Lucidia can be ordered is www.LucidiaLife.com. In the mean time, check back with the blog, as I will update our progress, give current event information on the latest allergy research and give tips on how to better improve your health, naturally.