20 Apr

What is Ragweed??

During allergy season, ragweed is an allergen that we always hear about… but what is it?

Ragweed is also called bitterweeds and bloodweeds. There are 41 species worldwide. Many are adapted to the arid climates of the desert. Ragweeds prefer dry, sunny grassy plains, sandy soils, and to grow along river banks, along roadsides, and vacant lots. The pollen from ragweed is extremely light and can be carried for many miles on air currents. Ragweed seeds can also often survive for years in the soil, growing when conditions are right.


Ragweed is highly allergenic, generally considered the greatest allergen of all pollens, and the prime cause of hay fever in North America. Common Ragweed and Western Ragweed are considered the most noxious to those prone to hay fever. Ragweeds bloom in the northern hemisphere from early July-mid August or until cooler weather arrives.



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