24 Feb

Just some thoughts…..

Artemis Therapeutics is committed to bringing natural health solutions to both mainstream people who don’t ordinarily get the opportunity to address health concerns holistically and to the people who are well-versed in the natural approach world and use only the best and most trusted brands out there. In offering natural alternatives to people who need to take medications and OTCs on a daily basis for symptom relief, Artemis Therapeutics is committed to raising awareness, trust, and understanding of how natural ingredients can support health. This awareness and integration of natural solutions is essential for individual health, for the revival of the health care system in this country, to our country’s strive toward the most cutting edge medicine in the world, and to the health of the planet.

It it the goal of Artemis Therapeutics in comradery with all those committed to holistic health to take the focus off of fear and liability surrounding natural health care and put the energy into developing safe and quality supplements and therapies as the most common way to address health concerns. Drugs, invasive therapies, and costly procedures should be used as necessary, but only when necessary. Natural solutions should be used to address symptoms, as a first line of defense as they often also act as disease prevention in addition to relief.

It is impossible for us to expect the FDA and the allopathic medical field to know and endorse every possible solution to our health concerns. Fears surrounding natural products and liability have paralyzed us and the development of medicine in this country. The most valuable asset we have from our doctors is to allow them to develop their practice of medicine over years of experience as experts of the human body and disease and to offer their personal opinions and ideas for our individual health concerns based on what they observe from our current state of being. Instead of encouraging this to develop… liability, laws and big health care have completely stunted it. Physicians are forced to practice according to the book in the name of being cost efficient and not liable, and instead it is costing us our good health, less and less health care, and us falling behind in medical development. Instead of sitting here paralyzed by the fact that not everything can be approved and integrated into the allopathic medical education system, Artemis Therapeutics has put the time, energy, and experience into clinical research and into sourcing from the highest quality, safety and efficacy tested ingredients available to develop supplements and information that you and your health care practitioner can trust.

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