29 Apr

A Career in Counting Pollen?

I was listening to KPBS, the local NPR station here in San Diego the other day. It was a bit of a miracle in and of itself that I got to listen to this one interview. I was in the car with my kids on the way to school last Wednesday morning and typically if I’m in the car with them we’re either rocking out to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. So as it happened last Wednesday, we got in the car and my daughter says, “can you put on kids music?”, so I obliged and turned on the radio. I must have been listening to KPBS the day before (sans kids – of course) because the first thing I hear is the commentator talking about counting pollen. So this really peeked my interest and before I knew it we were at my kids school and unfortunately for them, they didn’t get to have their morning dose of Justin or Taylor.

Here’s the full interview below. This whole counting pollen thing seems old school, but sometimes good ol’ fashion human observation is the best way to go.


26 Apr

Eye Candy

My kids remind me daily of the miracle of growth and change. Here’s my daughter enveloped in a beautiful bed of vibrant ice plant flowers.

And I LOVE her expression as I’m showing her how precious those little flowers are…

26 Apr

Herbal Steams

Last night I wanted to do a little reading up on herbs. I feel like no matter how much I read about them, I find that I either forget or find out something new each time I pick up a book. So I cruised over to my bookshelf and started looking at the various titles of the books laying there. I stopped at a book written by Lesley Tierra, titled A Kid’s Herb Book. I remember buying this when I was pregnant with my son about 7 years ago. I love this book! It’s so wonderfully written and sweet to read. It offers some great projects you can do with your kids, songs you can sing, fairytales, and best of all, it shows your kids how herbs can help the body feel better!

A Kids Herb Book gives a little advice that I thought would be helpful during this allergy season – herbal steams. Steams are especially beneficial whenever you have a stuffy nose, lung congestion, allergies, asthma, cough, sinus infection or cold. The herbal steam goes through your lungs and nostrils, helping to ease your breathing and make you feel better. So here’s how to do it…
1) Boil about 2 quarts of water
2) While still hot, pour the water into a wide bowl or pot
2) You may then either put herbs into to water to make a “tea” or put about 7-8 drops of essential oil into the water. The best herbs or oil to use are lemon balm, thyme, oregano, sage, eucalyptus, mint or tea tree. Its important to add into the mix a strong-smelling herb, such as eucalyptus to quickly open the sinuses, nasal and lung passages to allow the other herbs to flow through.
3) Put a towel over your head and tuck all the edges in so the steam doesn’t escape
4) Lean over the pot or bowl so your face is near the hot water
5) Breathe the steamy air for 5-10 minutes or more. You’ll start to notice your face feeling hot and wet, but you should start breathing easier

I know from personal experience that whenever I get a sinus infection, if I make myself a tea tree oil steam, the infection doesn’t stick around for more than a day. It’s amazing, right?! I was in class this weekend for my Waldorf teacher training and one of the instructors was lecturing on Botany and she would explain the intricacies and beauty of a plant and she would exclaim, “doesn’t this blow your mind?!”. Well, in honor of Ms. Shivani, the fact that the tea tree has miraculous medicinal properties that clear away my sinus infections… my mind in blown!

For other ways to help your body feel better during the allergy season, check out LucidiaLife.com. For an herbal steam demo, check out this video.

19 Apr

About Us…

I’ve been posting to this blog for about a year, although you wouldn’t know it considering this is only my 8th or 9th entry. If I were to be graded on effort… well, let’s just say that I’m glad there are no grades given out for blogging (only the sound of crickets chirping loudly due to the fact that nobody’s reading what your write!). I did have another blog going for awhile that was more popular when I lived in Budapest in 2007-2008 (to see that you can go to pachamaya.blogspot.com).

Anyway, I could say that my dog ate my blogging notes or I could say that my internet has been down or I could make up some tragic accident that would garner sympathies for my lack of blogging. But to be honest, it’s been pretty busy and the down time that I have is usually spent AWAY from the computer, or any other electronics for that matter. So in this blog entry, I thought I’d give a little personal glimpse into why it’s been so busy.

My business partner, Nathalie Babazabeh and I joined forces mid-year of 2008 to bring Lucidia to the public. We both have a deep knowledge of natural and holistic ways to better your health. Nathalie comes from an Eastern medicine background with a license in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. She has a clinic in Oakland, CA called Grand Acupuncture Center (www.bambooforestacupuncture.com). She also has a passion for plant medicine and all the wonderful medicinal properties that plants offer. She’s also raising a daughter as a single parent.

I have a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition and am currently enrolled in the teacher training program at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. Prior to taking on Lucidia full time, I was working an office job and raising two kids with my hubby, Andy.

So, as you can see, both Nathalie and I have a lot to juggle. But speaking for myself, I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to devote my time and energy into something wonderful and beneficial to the health of the body. This leads me to another thought…

There’s been a tremendous amount that I’ve learned through my Waldorf teacher training, but something that has really resonated in me recently is the idea of that which is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm and visa versa. Like a reflection. One may apply this idea in any number of ways; it’s infinite in its possibilities. I’ll go ahead and apply this idea to Lucidia and how it helps enhance the immune system, clear the blood of impurities, enrich the body with vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids, and relieve allergy symptoms. If an individuals’ body is healthy and vital, then can we see that in a reflection of the Earth as well?? hhhmmm… some deep thoughts for a blog. haha

My intention is to do something or offer something that will help people feel better, and in doing so, offer the same to the Earth through this idea of microcosm-macrocosm reflection. And in honor of Earth Day on Thursday, I hope that all my readers are in good health, good spirits and joyful this time of year.

These are my thoughts for the moment. For a little more business sense about Lucidia, you can check out our mission and goals at www.lucidialife.com

08 Apr

What do you do when allergies hit?

Living here in California, we get quite a few earthquakes. And more so lately in Southern California – fortunately they’re just the ones that get your attention and start your heart racing a little. So it’s been on my mind lately that we should have some things stowed away just in case we don’t have power or water for a few days.

Back in 2008, I lived in Houston during the last big hurricane – Hurricane Ike, where we didn’t have power for 8 days. I don’t care what time of year it is in Houston – if you don’t have power to run some kind of air conditioning in your house, you’ll end up with hot, humid, sticky mess of a house after a couple of days. Living through that made me think about being prepared also.

So you might be asking, “what do Southern California earthquakes and Houston hurricanes have to do with Lucidia?” Well allergies can take you by surprise just like an earthquake or they can subtly build and either fade into something benign or consume you with misery like a hurricane and no power for 8 days. Either way, what do you do when allergies hit? What kind of “emergency goods” should you buy when it’s allergy season?

For starters… tissues are a must! Just this last week alone, I had two strangers come up and ask me if I had a tissue because their allergies were acting up. Weird, huh? Why ask me? I don’t know if it’s the fact that I carry a huge purse that’s bursting at the seems and overflowing with all sorts of random “must-haves”, or that I’m a mother of two small kids, or if it was just the universes’ way of having me talk to people about the great benefits of Lucidia. Regardless, having a package of tissues in your pocket or purse for the next couple of months is a good idea. I mean really, who wants to see a grown woman (or man) wipe their nose with their sleeve!? haha

Ok, so what else to carry along with you? … maybe a good lotion. If you’re anything like my husband who suffers from eczema, then a lotion with calendula in it is usually very helpful. In addition to dry skin, dry eyes can be really painful, so carrying a travel size bottle of saline solution would be good too.

And, of course, Lucidia!

So this allergy season, be prepared for when your nose starts to run, or for when you’re sneezing uncontrollably or your skin starts crawling and your razor-like nails just aren’t gonna cut it for that dry patch of skin on the inside of your elbow. Yikes! Anyway, my hope is that you can enjoy this beautiful time of year and live in it to it’s fullest. It’s a gift to us… Enjoy it!

To learn more about Lucidia and its health benefits during the allergy season, visit www.lucidialife.com