20 May

Poor Knoxville

I came across an article yesterday that stated that “Knoxville has it all: high pollen counts, high use of allergy medications by residents, and not enough allergists to treat them”. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America did a study of this season’s allergy count and found the following cities to be the hardest hit by allergies…
1. Knoxville, TN
2. Louisville, KY
3. Chattanooga, TN
4. Dayton, OH
5. Charlotte, NC
6. Philadelphia, PA
7. Greensboro, NC
8. Jackson, MS
9. St. Louis, MO
10. Wichita, KS
Then for those of you lucky enough to live these cities, they were at the bottom of the list. For once it’s BEST to be at the bottom! People living in these cities are least affected by springtime allergies.
100. Harrisburg, PA
99. San Diego, CA
98. Daytona Beach, FL
97. Boise City, ID
96. Miami, FL
95. Oxnard, CA
94. Fresno. CA
93. Denver, CO
92. Los Angeles, CA
91. Colorado Springs, CO

Compliments of WebMD

19 May

Oldest Spruce Tree EVER!

So I received an e-mail earlier this week from someone asking whether Lucidia helps with spruce allergies. I let him know that Lucidia relieves spruce allergies because of its ability to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body of allergens and act as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc.

Ok, but that’s not the point of my story here… the point is that I wanted to get an idea of where this person was potentially e-mailing from so that I could hopefully better answer his question depending on the region he was living in. So I googled the spruce tree and this is one of the links that I came across…

The world’s oldest known living tree (9,550 years old), a conifer that first took root at the end of the last Ice Age, has been discovered in Sweden… I admit, I’m a bit of a skeptic. For all the years of schooling I’ve been through and well… just good ol’ plain observation, I thought that the circumference of the tree was a good outside indicator of the age of the tree. Take a look at this picture and someone please explain where I went wrong in all those years of biology…If it is, in fact, over 9,000 years old – I’m impressed and amazed! It’s at a time like this that I wish I had the ability to touch something and know its history. If any of you ever watched the Heroes tv series, then you’ll know what I’m referring to. There was a character who could touch an object and know it’s past. Of all the “powers” that people had on that show, the ability to know an objects’ past and all that it has seen, felt, achieved, heard, etc. would be the power for me. How cool would it be to know what this tree has been through.

14 May


I just spent a couple of minutes talking on the phone to a wonderful lady with the San Diego Natural Guide. I contacted the guide earlier this week to see about getting a spot in their directory for the Fall. So as we were talking, she was asking about Lucidia and if it could possibly benefit someone with asthma. She was saying that she used to live in Illinois and had a friend come visit her recently from Illinois. The last time they saw each other, this friend was asthma free and in the two years since then, she developed such severe asthma that she uses a breathing machine when necessary and at times will have to wake up in the middle of the night, just to get herself hooked up to the machine to regulate her breathing.

Wow, I felt so bad for this woman. It’s no way to live your life – to feel like you’re being suffocated. Ugh! To not be able to breath… and then what if you’re caught somewhere without an inhaler or breathing machine. It seems frightening.

So anyway, as this nice woman from the San Diego Natural Guide and I were talking, she asked whether Lucidia would help her asthmatic friend. I let her know that her friend should definitely not try to replace her breathing machine with Lucidia, but that Lucidia will help improve her immune system and strengthen her body so it won’t be affected by allergens.

I’ve never experienced asthma, so I wanted to do a little research to see what happens when someone has an asthma attack. This is what I found… Basically the muscles of the bronchial walls tighten, and your airways produce extra mucus that blocks the passage of air.

Some of the most common triggers of asthma are pollen, dust mites, mold and pet dander; and irritants, like smoke, pollution, fumes, cleaning chemicals, and sprays.

Thanks to the following sites for helping me out with my curiosity about asthma.

06 May

Celtic Blessings

So I have this really cool 2010 Celtic Blessings calendar. I think I ordered it off of Amazon or something cheesy like that. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting when I ordered it – I just liked the pictures that were displayed on the website. It turns out that I scored big time – not only does it have beautiful Celtic art, but the blessings are pretty cool too. Every 30 days (or there abouts), when I get to turn the calendar, I love reading that month’s little gem of wisdom. So for the month of May, here is a Celtic Blessing from me and my calendar to you…

Come care for the blossoms, and care
for the bulbs, care for the condor high
over the hills, and care for the hills
as well. Care for the dark, soft earth;
see that it deepens and is not washed
away to the sea. Care for the weak things,
the drifting specks of life in the oceans,
for the tiger hunted from the jungle,
for the whale driven from his depths.
Care for the children of men and for
the children of all that live and
multiply and hunger for life; care
for those who live a hundred years and
those whose span is over with the
setting sun, for they all have their
part to play – and their secrets.

Care for the winds that they are not
poisoned, and guard the great forests,
for their breath is our breath. For
even if you have seized the staff of
great dominion, your fate is bound
with the least of this creation, and as
you treat the least of creation, so you
treat the Creator.

O you who gaze upon this now,
If you would know the holy will of God,
then care for his creation.

Blessed Be.


03 May

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

I went camping with my family this weekend at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. I’d have to say that it was the most relaxing camping trip I’ve ever been on. So many times when we’ve gone camping, we went with other families OR our kids were too young to be ok with weathering the elements and it made it… well, let’s just say, a little less relaxing.

When you go with other families, it’s really fun, but it seems like you’re always on-duty – fixing a meals, cleaning up after a meal, making a fire, fixing a bicycle, making trips to the potty, applying sunscreen to someone, making a trip to the general store to get fire wood – ohhh, the list can go on… But for some reason, this weekend was just us, just peaceful, just taking hikes when we wanted, just riding bikes when we wanted, just playing games when we wanted, just us being there enjoying each other and the gifts of Mother Earth.

It’s no coincidence that we took our camping trip over the May Day holiday (May 1). May Day is not a holiday that we put a lot of effort into celebrating here in the United States – which is unfortunate. May Day has been around for thousands of years and part of its celebration is in honoring trees and flowers. With all the trees and flowers radiating and proud to be vibrant and fertile, it’s a wonderful time to take a moment to honor that which gives us life here on Earth.

Happy May Day to you, from your friends at Lucidia.