17 Feb

Immunity Boost

After writing my last post about the Vitamix, it dawned on me to open up a couple of Lucidia capsules and blend them into the smoothie.  It’s genius!  It’s like our own version of the immuno-boost that you can order for $1.50 more at any smoothie/juice store.  Perfect way to stay healthy this winter.

05 Feb

Mix Master

I just splurged and got a Vitamix!  Surprisingly, my 10-year old son is as excited about it as I am.  It might be because when we were watching a demo at Whole Food the other day, Chef Sharon made an ice-cream that’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast and it was delicious!

I’m sending out a message to all my fellow Vitamix comrades.  I’m looking for some yummy, kid-friendly recipes.  Please send in any personal recipes or links to websites.  Thanks!

02 Feb

Year of the Horse

The new lunar year is here – Year of the Horse.  For me, new beginnings have this great potential that’s really exciting!  It’s like having a mystery box in which you have some say in what goes into the box, but there’s an aspect of the unknown as well.
What does the year of the horse have in store for us?  I’ve read here and there that conflict is in our future.  People standing firm to their ideals. And while having passion for ideas is what drives us; and I give thanks to those who came before us who stood firm in their ideals – Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Gandhi.  I know these people where coming from a place that had heart and meaning and truth.  When It comes to conflicts that we experience these days, there’s more personal gain than the search for truth.  I think if you were to really uncover the truth, what you’d end up with is a win-win situation, not a victor-loser scenario.
My sister-in-law is pregnant and will have a little boy born in the year of the horse, so I wondered what characteristics this little one was likely to have.  There are so many great qualities…. animated, active, energetic, loves crowds, quick to learn independence, straightforward and positive attitude towards life, good communication skills and witty.  How great is all that??  Let’s all try to take on a little of the horse in our own lives.  Perhaps we can avoid some of the predicted conflict ahead!