11 Sep

Faqs / How long do I need to wait before I start to feel relief when I take Lucidia?

It depends very much on your lifestyle, severity of symptoms, and constitution.  If you do not notice any relief after taking 3 capsules 6 times per day for 4 days, I would say  it is not the formula for you right now.  If you eat hamburgers and milkshakes at midnight, or drink a lot of alcohol especially at night, it will be difficult to notice what is happening.  If you are not in either of those categories, it may take a few doses to notice, or a few days.  Once Lucidia gets a chance to start cleaning your system, relief can happen within 1 minute of dosing.  I dont understand this but it is true. In the beginning, we recommend frequent dosing, as symptoms occur.  You will not need frequent dosing after a few days.

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