11 Sep

Faqs / What is a teapill?  How are they made?

Teapills are my favorite form of Chinese herbs in pill form ( meaning you don’t have to cook the herbs yourself and drink the tea).  Teapills are usually made from cooking the herbal formula in water and reducing it to dry powder, then making small bb size pills by rolling the powder with honey and beeswax.  For certain formulas, no tea is made; rather the herbs are ground up and rolled into the balls with honey and beeswax.  The method depends on what is called for for particular herb preparation.  Teapills are small and black, and usually a dose is 8 teapills 3 times per day.  Seems like a lot, but its like a teaspoon of dry tea, or one cup of tea.  Other pill forms of herbs are capsules and tablets.  Capsules are good because they can be more potent than teapills, but for tonic formulas such as the foundation formulas I have chosen, I prefer teapills.  Tablets of Chinese herbs are too dry and fibrous and lose a lot of volatile oils that are potent aspects of the medicine.  Teapills are not easy to make, and the Mayway ones use good quality herbs and made in a facility that makes the best quality teapills, so they are my preference for these foundation formulas.


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