11 Sep

Faqs / What’s the difference between taking the teapills and taking Lucidia?  Will both relieve my allergies?

Lucidia is for immediate relief from allergy symptoms without side effects.  It is antihistamine, breaks down mucus, cleanses lymphatic system, and regulates immune function.  Many people use Lucidia to get off allergy medications that are causing unwanted side effects or are no longer working.  The Chinese formulas address an underlying imbalance that is contributing to the allergies.  This underlying imbalance may be hormonal, energetic, nervous system, organ function, emotional, toxins, or depletion of kidneys, blood, yin, or qi.  When the underlying cause is addressed with herbs and lifestyle (and possibly treatment), allergies can resolve, or become less frequent and less severe.  Many people get the relief they are looking for with Lucidia alone.  The other formulas are for people who experience other symptoms, and recognize that by addressing them, they will also be preventing allergy symptoms.  They are also for practitioners who are prescribing a foundation formula in an overall treatment plan.


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