Intro to the Program

Let's make it easy for your body to do what only it knows how to do - heal, evolve, be inspired and connected!

If you are drawn to try the suggestions in our Program, you will be addressing all levels of your health--levels that have been clearly defined in conventional medicine, and also levels that we cannot quite understand--some call these levels mental, spiritual, and/or emotional.  By addressing your allergies in this way, you have an opportunity for deep healing.  It is advised to be humble and open, and see what happens.

This program was developed in clinical and personal practice and have shown to minimize or eliminate seasonal, pet and hay fever allergies. It is a holistic program, and includes guidelines for lifestyle, diet, spiritual orientation, and herbal medicine. The guidelines are simple because balance and health start from simple. Also, simplicity allows for natural fluctuations. The way of the Tao teaches that in nature, everything is always changing, and to stay in balance, we must be attuned to what is appropriate in the present moment. Bodies, individuals, seasons, climates, cosmos, emotions, situations, are ever-changing, and no single diet or lifestyle is the right one at all times for all people, in all places. The structure of this program leaves room for you to do what comes to you at different times, such as cleansing, specific diets, working with a practitioner, or taking a break from focusing on your health.

By integrating some of the suggestions in this program, supporting health with properly indicated natural medicinals, and cultivating respect and reverence for your human body and the natural world, you will 1) become receptive to the vibrant life energy of the universe that is natural and abundant for spontaneous healing and 2) develop your intuition to guide you to always make the best choices in diet and lifestyle at any given time for optimal health and harmonious living. This in and of itself may be all you need for your allergies or any other health issue to completely resolve, or for you to come to terms with the present state in order to be able to move forward to the next step.

For Health, Happiness, and Harmonious Living