“I have spent thousands of dollars and suffered through endless trial and error to find a remedy for my allergies. My acupuncturist recommended Lucidia to me and I’m so grateful that he did. It took about a week to notice a significant difference, but it’s truly the only supplement that has helped me with my severe, debilitating allergies. I can’t tolerate traditional allergy medications and even if I could, Lucidia works way better than drugs like Claritin or Zyrtec.”

– Alina, Oakland, CA

“My acupuncturist suggested I try Lucidia instead of my regular Allergra, and I get the same relief, with the benefit of immune support. So now I switched to Lucidia because it feels good to take something that is good for me.”

– Brian, San Francisco, CA

“I have been searching for a natural supplement that can help me with my allergies and have finally found the one that works for me! I even started taking it if I feel a head cold coming on and Lucidia nips it in the bud before it turns into a real cold!”

– Jennifer, Berkeley, CA

“With the support of my acupuncturist, some dietary changes, and taking Lucidia very occasionally as needed, I can actually say my lifelong hay fever allergies and asthma are almost nonexistent. I used to bring my inhaler with me wherever I went and expect an asthma attack several times per week. My doctor can’t believe it and I can’t believe it, but this season I have only needed Lucidia a handful of times, and I don’t even carry my inhaler with me anymore!”

– Zina, Oakland, CA

“My allergies are remarkably better and I’m delighted to find that I can breathe freely with little congestion. I’ve still had flare ups, but I’ve found the Lucidia pills are incredibly effective.”

-Don, L.Ac Oakland, CA

“I have suffered from allergies in the Spring and the Fall most of my life until my Acupuncturist recommended Lucidia. Lucidia is the only remedy that has truly worked for me – and the fact that I have no side effects is a bonus. I recently relocated to N Carolina where EVERYONE is affected by allergens, but I feel great everyday – thanks to Lucidia!!”

-Cassandra, Cary, NC

“Lucidia has changed my life and I am so grateful. I used to just suffer through my allergy symptoms because other allergy medications made it difficult for me to sleep. Now I take Lucidia and get relief without having to worry about nervousness or sleeplessness.”

– Andrea, Oakland, CA

“I am so happy to have found Lucidia. I have been taking Claritin daily for years and it stopped working. Now I take Lucidia, get relief immediately, and sometimes forget about my allergies for days at a time!”

– Julie, El Cerrito, CA

“I have only taken the highest quality natural supplements for my allergies for years and Lucidia is my favorite. I always liked the Nettles and Quercetin combination, but this formula with the Reishi Mushroom also helps settle my nervous system and just helps round out the formula beautifully. I love Artemis Therapeutics because I know that they are conscientious and experienced herbalists and nutritionists and that they are addressing allergies from a holistic approach.”

– Carrie, San Francisco, CA

“My wife and I have been suffering with allergy symptoms the past month and I have found great relief using 2-3 capsules, 3-4 times in a 24 hour period.  The other over-the-counter allergy meds I’ve been taking have had a damaging affect on my liver and probably kidneys too.  I am very glad to find Lucidia also is a friend to my liver.”

– Rich, San Pablo, CA

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