Personal Manageability

small_gray_quotation_marksNature is the most simple and the most complex.  There's no such thing as outwitting it.  Our human goal is to merge with its infinite intelligence.

Recognize Stress

Be conscious of the amount of stress in your life and where it is coming from. Often more than half of it is in our minds and is not real. If that's the case, recognize it. If you are experiencing real stress, either figure out a way to reduce it, or accept that this is how it is right now and do what is in your power to take steps to make necessary changes. Stress can be a major cause of allergies. A sense of being overwhelmed or having or too much on your plate can cause allergies.

The good news is, that if you have sources of stress that can be managed, it is likely that your allergies will resolve as you learn how to bring order, balance, and harmony into your life. There are many ways to do this…so follow the path that reveals itself at your feet….one step at a time, and one foot in front of the other.


At Artemis Therapeutics, a meditation practice is our number one recommendation for people seeking help for any problem. In fact, it is also our chief recommendation for anyone who wants to be the best person they can be. Meditation is powerful: it can help with any problem and it can help when there is no problem, in a way that nothing else can. It will give you a better life by bringing calmness and clarity, good decision making, connecting you with your True Nature, and making you better at everything you do. Through a meditation practice and a spiritual practice, you will get the most out of what life has to offer, through the difficult and the easy. A spiritual practice is the most simple and natural thing you can have. All you need is to live in gratitude and awe. You don’t have to try; you just have to pay attention. What are you paying attention to? To the amazing Great Mystery of life. Respect and reverence will connect you more deeply with your spiritual essence. If you want to hear more about this, or any other questions, please let me know.

Children and Allergies

For children with chronic runny nose, allergies, or frequent colds or ear infections, sometimes there is a household and scheduling issue. Establishing routines and simplifying daily life will usually help or even resolve the problem. Consultation with Artemis Therapeutics co-founder Kacey, can help detect the household imbalance, or where to implement a routine that will anchor the family into a natural rhythm. Her approach is based in the Waldorf tradition and is gentle, practical, and brings ease to daily life in a delightful way.

Self Development

Other effective ways to help manage your life include 12 Step programs, qi gong, coaching, therapy, and any personal development courses. Most people can benefit greatly from the principles used in 12 step programs, but unfortunately, most people won’t use the program unless they have exhausted all other options.

Find a Practitioner

Find a practitioner, such as an acupuncturist - they can be of great help. Acupuncture is effective for treating allergies and will help with overall health. Other types of bodywork or counseling can be effective, and you should always seek out a practitioner that you can connect with in a meaningful way.