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gray_quotation_marksArtemis Therapeutics is devoted to bringing natural and health-promoting solutions for your allergy symptom relief. We are committed to raising awareness, trust, and understanding of how natural ingredients can support health."

Nathalie Babazadeh is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of Chinese Medicine and esoteric healing arts. After her own recovery from chronic allergies since childhood, she spent 10 years in clinical practice treating allergies naturally. Her approach uses Chinese Medicine to balance hormones, improve liver health, and support immune and adrenal function. Nathalie is an intuitive, focused, spiritual healer, UC Berkeley graduate, mother of two, and is deeply inspired by the Great Mystery of life and the natural world.
With her experience in Holistic Nutrition and Waldorf education, Kacey Moe-Vu is naturally drawn to harmonizing the body with plant-based medicine, whole foods, and alignment with the rhythms of the days, years and seasons. Artemis Therapeutics is a blending of her education, life experiences and intuition as a mother, healer and explorer of the natural world. She understands how nutrition, movement, emotions and environment affect how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us. When we are healthy, strong and clear, we bring the best of ourselves to those around us.

Nathalie Babazadeh

Kacey Moe-Vu