Extraordinary by Nature.

Artemis Therapeutics is an educational resource center for health care practitioners, patients, and anyone suffering from seasonal, environmental or pet allergies.

We set out to create a natural way to find relief from allergies, using straightforward, natural ingredients. Through inspiration and collective experience, we’ve created high quality, high vibration, health-promoting natural medicines suitable for everyone.

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Online Center for Self Healing

With Guidelines for Holistic Living program, Artemis provides easy, practical tools and natural medicinals to cultivate health and mitigate allergy symptoms. Or use our flagship product, Lucidia, as a standalone effective and natural approach to allergy treatment.

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Daily Movement

This practice is to be done daily and can stand alone or be a warm up before a regular meditation or yoga practice. It will be posted weekly, but should be done daily.

It is a basic self awareness and qi cultivation practice to coordinate 3 main aspects (bodies) of our being: body, mind and emotion.

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Lucidia All Natural Antihistamine without Side Effects

  • Premium, all-natural ingredients
  • No side-effects
  • Clinically proven to alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Cleanses and enriches bloodstream and liver

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Ready to heal your allergies?

Lucidia is our house-developed, all natural allergy relief formula developed with the purpose to minimize or eliminate allergies. Unlike other allergy medications, Lucidia does not suppress symptoms, add more burden to the body’s detoxification systems, or cause unwanted side effects such as depression, sleeplessness, drowsiness, or lowered libido. Rather, it cleanses and enriches the bloodstream and liver, and over time, may reduce overall frequency and severity of symptoms.

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Our Core Values


We’re here to support you. With Artemis Therapeutics, you’re part of a community that’s dedicated to creating a healthier you.


We use these products ourselves. As you’ll see from the resources on our site, we want to share everything we know.


We want to avoid chemicals and ingredients that you can’t pronounce. In our experience, natural, pure, simple solutions tend to work the best. That’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Love and Respect

We believe that everything and everyone on this planet is beautiful. We’re all in this together!